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There are over 20,000 models that Casio has manufactured over the years. As a result we are unable to show each and every one to you.

In order for us to help you find the correct band we need to find the model number for your watch. On the back of ever Casio watch is a model number that begins with one or more letters followed by a number. Usually this is located right after the small rectangle that has the module number. With the proper model we can let you know if the band is still available or has been discontinued. Please note that the band loop or clasp is only sold with the entire band. In addition most bands are unique to the Casio model and are not interchangeable with something else.

We will try to showcase the most popular bands being sold today with their prices for you to order on line.

If the watch model is not listed here you can either go to the “contact us” page to request information or give us a call at 800-345-0537 during business hours.

Not all watch models are listed but you may find the more popular ones listed on our website – check the tabs on the side.




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