Casio Ink Roller - Part No IR-40

Casio Ink Roller - Part No IR-40

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THIS IS A CASIO Ink Rolller 

Part No IR-40

Keep an extra cartridge or two in stock so when you run out, you won't have to run out and get another one.

This goes with the following models:

CASIO 140CR Cash Register 2009
CASIO FR-510 Adding Machine 1991
CASIO HR-10RC Calculator 2016
CASIO HR-140LB Calculator 1998
CASIO HR-150L Calculator 1992
CASIO HR-150LA Calculator  
CASIO HR-150LB Calculator  
CASIO HR-150LC Calculator 1999
CASIO HR-8 Calculator 1989
CASIO HR-8B Calculator 1991
CASIO HR-8L Calculator  
CASIO HR-8RCBK Calculator 2016
CASIO HR-8RCEBK Calculator 2016
CASIO HR-8RCEWE Calculator 2016
CASIO HR-8RCWE Calculator 2016
CASIO HR-8TE Calculator 2001
CASIO HR-8TM Calculator 2009
CASIO HR-8TMPLUS Calculator 2009
CASIO PCR-202 Cash Register 1991
CASIO PCR-250 Cash Register 1995
CASIO PCR-255 Cash Register 1997
CASIO PCR-260 Cash Register 1997
CASIO PCR-260B Cash Register 1998
CASIO PCR-262 Cash Register 2005
CASIO PCR-265P Cash Register 2000
CASIO PCR-26S Cash Register 2008
CASIO PCR-272 Cash Register 2009


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