Renata Watches

Why is the Renata Watch Battery Better than Others?

There are some reasons why this battery is better than others which are discussed below.


  • Renata batteries are known to be the most reliable and most durable.
  • This battery also features a quartz collection of tags to be fitted by Premier Swiss Watch House including HEUER, Breitling, Chopard, and even  Rolex. It may be the battery of choice for you.
  • Renata batteries are surrounded by lithium that meets the highest quality standards and provides excellent reliability.
  • Renata's batteries deliver about 1.55 volts and have a very low self-discharge rate and are leak-proof.


Benefits of Renata watch battery


 The smallest batteries used in watches nowadays are either coin-cell batteries or button batteries due to shape.


  • Different watches require different battery sizes, so we make batteries of all sizes. You can get Silver Oxide button 1.55 Volt or Lithium coin 3 Volt batteries from us.
  • Renata batteries provide long-lasting performance for any device.
  • We carry Renata watch batteries with high quality silver oxide coating which is capable of both high and low drain for improved performance. Also, you'll find advanced leak-proof technology that keeps batteries safe inside your watch, even after prolonged use.


The Renata Watch battery has all the battery sizes available to you to fit your watch. We have always kept Renata at the top of customer’s” minds with the perfect combination of price and quality. You will get various options from us for your watch battery which will undoubtedly be a reliable and long-lasting battery for your watch. Contact us and collect the batteries at an affordable price soon.


Most of our customer’s base for batteries are Jewelers who prefer to use quality batteries for their repair shops.

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